Friday, April 18, 2014

CockCircus in April 19th 2014!

The next CockCircus is Saturday April 19th 2014!! 

A special note about April's Party:  
Damien (you know... the guy who gave the bondage workshops the previous three months?) has something planned for April:

To practice rigging for some events I have coming up I need to do some extra rigging.  At April's CockCircus I will be giving quick full suspension bondage rides. Explore the unique experience of being bound in rope and suspended in mid-air.  If you have ever wanted to try getting suspended ... Now is your chance! (If you are someone that I have suspended before I ask that you give others a chance first before taking a slot).

- quick bondage rides (15ish minutes in the air)
- all body types welcome
- there will be a sign up sheet at the CockCircus
- boundaries will be discussed and respected and tailored to each participant
- rides will continue till I am worn out

We're working hard to make each month's party bigger and better than the one before it.  The party starts at 8 PM.  By the way:  notice that you can always get in at membership prices if you have an active membership to the following organizations: CSPC, Seattle Men in Leather, Rain City Jacks, NW Bears, SEA-PAH and Steamworks.  

We're always working out ways to facilitate types and styles of play. Help us out by joining the CockCircus site and contributing your ideas.

In April, SML is presenting the Tribal Instincts workshop as always.  This workshop happens just before CockCircus from 6 PM to 8 PM. Here's their blurb for April:

April's Tribal Instincts is going to be a spankin' good time! We welcome CHRIS K for "FUNishment - How to Beat the Ones You Love". 

Whether it’s the sting of a frat paddle or the smack of hand on your ass, spanking and paddle scenes have always held a special presence in the world of discipline (the D in BDSM). Com
e to SML’s Tribal Instinct on April 19th and learn how to give or take a beating, and enjoy both. There will be demonstrations and hands on practice with different implements, positions, furniture and scenes. What makes a hazing scene hot? How do you connect with a bottom whose face down across your knee? Why does the idea of getting hit with a paddle excite me?

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See you Saturday, April 19th!